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Leaks, Dents, and Corrosion, Oh, My!

No trumpet Will be Ideal, even sitting at the store. You should be sure that there aren't any visible signs of damage on the trumpet before you buy. Small dents and corrosion will lead to shorter shelf life and will sound lousy.

Do you Find any damages on the trumpet? Talk to the sales man about it . Find out what happened and why. Maybe someone returned . Someone else may have put it back on the shelf without looking at the damages . Trumpets with visible signs of damage shouldn't be sold on the floor until they are repaired.


Good products come with a Warranty, including trumpets. Talk to the sales man about a guarantee if it is not being advertised. Some music shops don't publicly advertise their warranties. That is why you must bring this up.

What types of warranties Do they offer? Will they take the instrument back if something goes wrong? Will they switch it out for something different? These are the types of questions that you ought to know before you agree to purchase something.

The worst thing you could Do is buy a trumpet without a warranty. Taking it back to the shop will prove next to impossible since they will not accept it.

The Mouthpiece

Check to see Everything works, including the mouthpiece and horn compression. There is a Wrong and right way it ought to sound. Can you notice anything wrong while you are Still at the shop? Do not wait until you get home. Mention it now before you leave. The guy should know whether or none of the goods are faulty.
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